Leave behind the male-dominated model of success!

Creating the Feminine Economy

You are not alone!  How women can collaborate and co-create wealth in any economy.

A FREE live event on May 8, 2023

A revolutionary project featuring powerful women wealth-builders from around the world.

You deserve better!

As a woman building wealth, the model you've been given to grow your business, create your wealth, and build your legacy is fundamentally backwards...

The traditional financial world thrives through success, competition, and scarcity.

But it's your hidden and innate gifts that will help you thrive in our emerging relationship economy.

It's also why I've brought together an inspiring and innovative group of women who are blazing the trail and ready to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Connect with other women and be part of a new era of creating a feminine economy of "real wealth"

What You'll Take Away from this Powerful Event:

  • How to create a soulful business that celebrates your feminine voice, success journey, and business needs.
  • The core factors in building wealth that aren't discussed in traditional financial circles.
  • Specific ways to establish a life you love that honors family, relationships, and your desired lifestyle.
  • The basis of a legacy and wealth that outlasts the economy and recessions.
  • How to develop and refine your intuition to pursue the most fulfilling path.
  • The power within your relationships and connection, as well as how to uncover your natural gifts
  • Hundreds of inspiring stories and examples to give you the strength to move forward.

About Your Founder - Paula Bohland

As a master business and mindset coach with more than 25 years of experience, I've helped thousands of women grow and thrive.

Throughout my journey as an entrpreneur, I struggled to find other female mentors and leaders who connected with my mission and way of doing business.

Just a few years ago I was in more than $500,000 in debt, living in a bad marriage, losing my home and eating one meal a day so I could feed my son.  I was broke and broken-financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

I went on a walk to plan my death. I was going to commit suicide.

On that walk, a miracle occurred...

After experiencing the miracle, I gave myself one last chance to change it all.

That decision resulted in a journey that “changed my mind”. My mindset transformed from a focus on lack and complaining to that of extreme gratitude and abundance thinking.

I did not make the transformation alone. During that journey, I received coaching and mentoring. I also studied and mastered the spiritual, Universal laws that govern success, manifesting money, and defined my own prosperity. Most importantly, I found a community of positively focused, loving women who supported and empowered me to live into my own greatness.

As I changed my mind, everything else started to change. I felt better, my businesses were succeeding, I was making (and keeping) money.

Today all of those debts  are paid. I live an amazing life, run three successful businesses and own multiple homes (my friends call me a “mogul”). I have a favorite home which is at the beach, and you can find me there often since I work all anywhere I please. I travel frequently, have tons of fun and really love life. I am a money-making, manifesting mofo entrepreneur who wants you to become one too.

Meet Your Inspiring Experts:

Paula Bohland

Event Founder

Bridget Therese Romo

Founder -Socially Branded Media

Meet the Speaker

Bridget is the Founder of Socially Branded Media, a digital marketing company based in Houston, Texas.  

Her passion for digital marketing and her creative spirit have brought her and her clients over seven years of success.  Her extensive background features full-service management of social accounts, branding, content creation strategies, lead generating, video marketing, event marketing and so much more.  She is CE Certified to teach social media classes and is often a guest speaker on panels, podcasts and business presentations.

Clients include Harvard Business School Club of Houston, Miss USA & numerous eXp Top Agents.

Bridget is the Founder of Socially Branded Media, a digital marketing company based in Houston, Texas.

Her passion for digital marketing & her creative spirit has brought her and her clients over seven years of success.  Her extensive background features full-service management of social accounts, branding, content creation strategies, lead generating, video marketing, event marketing and so much more.  She is CE Certified to teach social media classes and is often a guest speaker on panels, podcasts, and business presentations. Clients include the Harvard Business School Club of Houston, Miss USA & numerous eXp Top Agents.


How To Create Engaging Video Content: https://www.sociallybrandedmedia.com/videos-and-why-they-matter 

Brittany Young

Executive Sales Coach - Brittany Young Wealth

Meet the Speaker

Brittany Young spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry working with CEOs, top executives and closed multi-million dollar sales deals. 

Some of Brittany’s corporate accomplishments include building a book of business of 300+ clients and grew her territory from $800K to $6M in 2.5 years.

She is activating Women to create wealth in all areas of their life using Her Unique method called The Permission Process.

The accomplishments of Brittany’s clients include:

-Leaving a company that wasn’t valuing her time to calling in a $30,000 increase in salary plus a 4 day work week

-Leaving her father’s firm to begin her own RIA and growing her monthly revenue from $20K months to $50K months and even $20K days

-Hitting $85,000 in two months working 12-15 hours a week

-Getting home from a vacation and a signed contract plus $4,000 in full waiting in her bank account

When Brittany is not working she is spending time with her daughter Avery and husband Tim and their 2 dogs Macey & Louie.


https://calendly.com/brittanyyoungwealth/sales to book a free call with Brittany

Cambria Berger

Business Coach - Cambria Berger Coaching

Meet the Speaker

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Cambria spent many of her younger days at the beach or exploring her backyard canyon. Her love of nature bloomed into a degree and an eleven-year career in Oceanography where she traveled the world’s oceans facilitating large scale research projects aboard world class vessels. She fell into the world of personal development and shortly thereafter met her husband and they had two wild and wonderful boys. Month long journeys at sea were no longer the preference with small children at home. Cambria quickly pivoted to life and business coaching in 2015, and has been advising, supporting and inspiring her clients ever since. Using lessons from nature and life, time-tested Personal Development Techniques, Universal Laws, Abundance Principles and a whole mountain of love, humor and care, she guides her clients to connect deeply with themselves and from there live lives of joy and fulfillment. Wife, mother, sailor, pilot, navigatrix, instigator of fun and adventure... Cambria finds that the joy is in the journey, and the journey is as wonderful, messy, worthy and unique as each person on this earth!



Chris Williams

Owner & Founder - Shine Wellness

Meet the Speaker

Christine Williams is the owner and founder of Shine Wellness LLC. A 7-figure business dedicated to empowering women wellness entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners to create soul-led and heart-centered 6-figure businesses, without the hustle and sales tactics that feel so out of alignment for many women. She is known for cultivating community, connections, and collaborations that inspire and create WIN-WINS for everyone. As part of her Soulful Abundance System®, She weaves the abundance mindset and soul-fueled strategy along with a simple system to create consistent income without trading your well-being or integrity for success.


https://chriswilliams.kartra.com/page/BizBasics to grab your free Business Basics Checklist for 10k months!

Cindy Watson

Founder - Women On Purpose

Meet the Speaker

Cindy Watson is the founder of Women On Purpose and creator of the Art of Feminine Negotiation and HERsuasion programs. 

She's also founder and managing partner of Watson Palmer Law, as an attorney specializing in social justice law for 30 years.

She is a TEDx and international speaker, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling and award-winning author, master negotiator, and consultant known for her passion, commitment, and ability to inspire. 

As a world-class women's empowerment coach and consultant, Cindy has a proven track record empowering, advocating, and motivating people to rediscover their purpose and become the best version of themselves so they can negotiate their best life.


Get Your FREE Art of Feminine Negotiation Workbook: www.ArtOfFeminineNegotiationBook.com 

Erin Birch

Business Coach - Erin Birch Coaching

Meet the Speaker

Erin is a business and personal transformation coach and trainer, a network marketer and affiliate marketer as well as a course creator.

Erin specializes in social media marketing, how to build your audience and create massive influence with your audience so that they are uber responsive to YOU and your offers.

Erin also specializes in rapport building, prospecting and closing.

Erin started her own business at the age of 45 when she decided she wanted a more fulfilling life, financial security and FREEDOM! To be able to buy an airplane ticket and fly out the next day! To be able to take off and go for a hike or kayak just because she wants to! And, to NEVER feel financial stress and anxiety ever again!

Erin struggled her first 4 months in her business only earning $300 UNTIL she discovered attraction marketing.

She committed to MASTERING attraction marketing and then went on to hit 6 figures in her business in only 9 months.

Erin has PERSONALLY sponsored over 900 people in her business in 8 years,

personally sponsored 65 people in just 8 weeks and holds a TOP rank in her Network marketing company. Last month Erin personally recruited 52 people into her business!

Erin has earned herself company incentive trips and bonuses upon bonuses.

Erin is passionate about teaching her clients and team exactly what she does in her own business so that they can shorten their learning curve and get better results in their business and in their lives in a MUCH shorter amount of time and enjoy life more!!!


A 14-page ebook that will reveal what you need to discover your purpose and start creating your perfect life!



Leah Steele

Evolutionary Wealth Strategist, Author, Podcaster, Creator of the Emotional Resonance Clearing Modality

Meet the Speaker

Leah teaches evolutionary, holistic wealth strategy as a means to simultaneously achieve infinite divine and human potential. Her mission is to deconstruct the financial slavery consciousness that serves the global financial agenda. Her cutting-edge wealth repatterning programs facilitate deep emotional clearing work using her modality Emotional Resonance Clearing which is elemental and science-based and incorporates a 4000+ year old body of thought and philosophy called Five Element Theory. She is also the host of House of Wealth, a top wealth and entrepreneur podcast for women.

She coaches, mentors, and guides those ready to create the abundantly wealthy lives and businesses they deeply desire. Her clients are wildly successful spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission to profoundly impact the planet.

Lesley Calvo

Mindset & Energy Coach - Lesley Calvo Coaching

Meet the Speaker

In the early part of her career Lesley Calvo founded and ran an internationally-successful jewellery company alongside her work as a design consultant for Hugo
Boss, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Swarovski and Cartier.

Years of experience with highly creative, driven and emotional people, she came across a multitude of challenges that people experienced during their working and daily lives. The fashion industry provided extremes but she found these issues were present in a lot of people from all walks of life including herself.

Lesley’s passion for developing motivational skills, her own strengths and transforming any emotional issues grew. She became a trained Master NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Life Coach, enabling her to use all the skills and experience she had acquired to help countless people transform their lives. For almost two decades, Lesley has mentored hundreds of people to unleash their infinite potential. 

Lesley’s zone of genius lies in being able to see the infinite potential in someone and supporting them to tap into it, connect to their soul energy and ultimately transform their lives. She is a world class Mindset and Energy Coach, and a passionate self-awareness and transformational change advocate.


Lia Dunlap

Intuitive Business Architect

Meet the Speaker

An Intuitive Business Architect with 25+ years of experience guiding leaders to push past their upper limits so they can transcend doubt, find their purpose and step onto their divine path to millions.
Lia’s inspired programs and practical services have helped thousands of clients in over 76 countries align their unique life purpose with their business genius and highest life vision. She combines intuitive knowing and practical leadership experience to help clients push past upper limits for good. All while holding them accountable for bringing the BIG vision on their heart to life so that they can create the impact they were born to make.


Get your free Purpose & Prosperity Road Map: www.PurposeAndProsperityRoadMap.com 

Pauline Kirk

CEO & Founder - Femvestorsglobal

Meet the Speaker

Pauline is awarded the title of “Women Leaders to Look Up To in 2023”, her company Femvestorsglobal was also awarded “Contribution to the Community for Social Enterprise '' by Passion Vista Magazine.

Her mission is to change the financial statistics of women entering retirement today as well as making long term generational change. From the verge of bankruptcy in her mid 20’s to no longer worrying about money 15 years later, Pauline supports and mentors other women how to become confident money masters, so they too can become Financially Fabulous.

80% of the profits generated by Femvestorsglobal go to charity to support those without a voice.


An eBook providing your household with the protection it needs, should anything ever happen to your loved ones. https://femvestorsglobal.com/household-blanket

Discount code at the checkout is FF23.

Peter Scott

Holistic Relationship Coach

Meet the Speaker

A lifelong white-collar worker in the Information Technology field, Peter always felt like something was missing. After experiencing depression during his divorce, Peter went on a journey to heal himself.  He learned energy healing and coaching and became certified in multiple healing and coaching modalities. He discovered that engaging in self-care, and reconnecting with his feminine energy and inner wisdom transformed him from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost and alone into someone peaceful, content and more complete than when he was married. Through this process, he healed, found his soul mate and decided to teach what he learned to others.

Peter is a Holistic Relationship Coach who specializes in helping men and women create and maintain authentic relationships. He assists men and women in reconnecting with their power, identity and feelings of joy, self-love and acceptance that are frequent casualties of our high pressure, always connected lifestyle. He also uses his background in IT to provide business focused AI coaching for Paula B Coaching and her clients.

Join Peter as he shares his story, gives us practical self-care tips and techniques to use today, and teaches us how self-care and nurturing your feminine energy will change your life.

You can reach Peter at peterscottcoaching@outlook.com or call/text at 864-206-5711.

Understand the Fundamentals to Life and Wealth Building Success:

Collaborate and Celebrate With Others

You don't have to compete with anyone other than yourself.

Unlock the Unlimited Energy of Manifestation

Practice and refine your ability to manifest exactly what you want.

Develop Your Influence with Your Feminine Voice

Focus on your own unique communication and productivity strengths.

Create the Lifestyle that YOU Choose

You CAN have the family, relationships, and success all at once.

Stay Focused on Your Journey to Success

Once you've decided your own path, it's easier to avoid distractions and saboteurs.

Create Community with Others Like You

You are not alone!  You'll have hundreds of others to support you along the way.

Creating the Feminine Economy

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