6 Ways To Boost

Your Money Mojo



Discover How Changing Your Mind About Money

Will Allow You Become a Money Magnet - FAST!

Do you know that you can quickly and easily attract and obtain more money by applying 6 simple steps to the way you think about and use money?

Do you ever wonder why you never have enough money and it seems to “hide” from you?

Do you feel like you try everything but you just can’t figure out how to get the money?

Here's the secret...
Money follows your lead. Using simple techniques, you can control the energy of money, becoming a magnet and director of your own financial destiny. After learning this secret, I applied it to my life and now have the life and income that, for years, I thought was only something I could dream of for myself.

I now teach these simple steps to all my coaching clients, and once they understand the concepts, they experience opportunities and money coming to them like they have a magic wand. Most of them 2x-10x their income without working one more hour and all while HAVING MORE FUN!

Let me explain...
You are currently thinking a lot of thoughts about money. The thoughts are more than likely about how little you have of it, why you never seem to be able to get more (when others seem to get it easily) and you are probably dwelling on fears about what will happen to your finances in these uncertain times.

Once you turn the thoughts around, change your mindset and thinking patterns about money you will:

  • Get clear and really excited about getting what you actually DO want.
  • Open the floodgates for receiving money.
  • Easily lead money to you through your new thoughts and actions.
  • Obtain your dreams, financial goals and abundance in your life.
  • Obtain a positive focus and mindset that will impact every area of your life.

Unfortunately, your fear and projections of what could go wrong are so clouding your energy and vision that you are blocking the ability to receive what you DO want (these are called money blocks).

There are simple steps you can take that will allow you to break down the money blocks to easily open the floodgates, empower you to obtain the money you desire, allow you to find your freedom and finally live your dream life.

The problem is that your money blocks are so ingrained and reinforced by our culture, society and thinking patterns that you many never be aware of them, let alone resolve them by yourself. This inability to be aware, identify and resolve the blocks ends up in a cycle and you are actually resisting money. Then you are left wishing you knew why money seems to hide from you.

Year after year, you DON’T obtain your dreams because the money is just not there, you fall into scarcity thinking, and you are waking up during the middle of the night in cold sweats and panic. You are worrying, feeling fear and dread of how you will pay your bills. This cycle of pain, lack and fear is literally killing you.

The big question on all my client’s minds is, “how can I obtain the money and financial freedom I want so that I finally have the house, the income, career, car, dreams and life that I dream about?”

Most of my clients come to me feeling despair and are overworked from trying to work more hours, “grinding to succeed”, trying to force the situation and trading time for money. They are scared, staying up at night worrying about money. They feel lost, frustrated and confused about WHY when they work so hard and want it so badly, they can’t seem to get ahead and experience an abundant flow of money and income.

I understand. I have walked in your shoes. I spent years in despair, trying to figure out my own situation and “what I was doing wrong”. I was in a cycle of fear and lack that kept me from obtaining financial freedom, generating abundance and living my dreams. I felt like money was elusive and that financial success was “maybe not my lot in life”.
About 4 years ago, despite working 2 jobs, I found myself about to lose my home, eating one meal a day so my young son had enough to eat, and driving a car that was so old and broken down it would not go more than three miles without sputtering out.

I was feeling desperate and I just knew that I had to do something or my life would never change.

Can you relate?

Well, what happened next was a godsend. I came across a program for coaches that taught its students how to become aware of mindset and change my thinking to one of abundance
mindset to achieve results fast. I watched the video for the program and said to myself...this really resonates with me! I can do this! So I borrowed money from my sister (yes, I was that frickin' broke) and dove headfirst into what I later found out was one of the world's foremost and cutting edge transformational coaching programs.

Long story short, I was able to change my mindset from one of scarcity to unlimited abundance and as a result was able to completely turn my life around within one year!

I now make more money than I ever thought possible doing what I love. I get to coach others out of their despair and into their dreams, and I am so grateful for all the blessings I've received that I want to give back and…teach YOU how you too can change your money situation and achieve similar abundance in your life no matter what your current situation is at the moment.

It took me years and countless failures to achieve financial success and abundance but I have finally perfected the solution to attracting money and want to share my hard-won years of expertise with you.

6 Ways To Boost Your Money Mojo

Now, you can obtain unlimited financial abundance too.

Inside the 6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Money Mojo, you'll learn 6 steps during an in-depth video training series that are accompanied by activities that will provide you step by step instructions for immediate results.

Here's what you're going to get:

Step 1 - Notice the Contrast

  • Become aware of what you don’t like about your money situation and how it may be limiting you;
  • Know how to overcome and solve problems, eliminating the need for complaining about your financial situation;
  • Experience how to use what you DON’T like about your money situation as a tool to get the results you want.

Step 2 - Send the Text

  • Learn to use the pains and issues of your money situation as a tool to bring you money, success and your dreams;
  • Get total clarity on what it is you want in your life and your financial dreams;
  • Experience the freedom of leading your money and deciding how and when to attract it to come to you.

Step 3 - Change the Story

  • Become aware of the negative stories you are telling yourself about money, your chances of making it and your dreams;
  • Know how to change the stories so that you bust your money blocks and love your life;
  • Get immediate money mojo

Step 4 - Invest in Yourself

  • Find out how taking care of yourself will bring you more money and blast your money blocks;
  • Obtain solutions for improving your self -esteem and feelings of deserving money;
  • Understand how money follows your lead and that investing in yourself, your learning and future opens upyour abundance and the flow of money.

Step 5 - The Power of Gratitude

  • Learn how to use gratitude as the “secret sauce” to creating your money mojo and attracting money fast;
  • Get techniques for feeling grateful even when you are not “feeling it”;
  • Get out of scarcity and feelings of lack;
  • Learn how to use appreciation to feel better and forget about your money situation so that money comes to you at light speed.

Step 6 - Receive

  • Understand the difference in the energy of asking and that of receiving and how you can use it to obtain money;
  • Find out how to know and trust that money is on the way, even when you do not see It in your bank account;
  • Experience the gift of receiving in all aspects of your life as you create more abundance, a better financial future and observe the money showing up!

If you are ready to quit staying up at night worrying about money then
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The benefits of the 6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Money Mojo Program

  • Get clarity about your dreams and be excited about your life, knowing that you will get what you want.
  • Know the secrets of being a money magnet and find your “money mojo” by using the steps to attract money to you.
  • Be in control of the energy of money instead of it controlling you.
  • Be able obtain the dream house, car, vacation, clothes and life, full abundance and financial success.
  • Experience freedom from fear and worry about money, no matter the economy or life circumstances

Today, you can begin to stop worrying about
money and experience financial freedom or you
can continue to experience despair and

feelings of lack.

But there is a cost to inaction:

  • More Sleepless nights;
  • Never getting the house, car, career and financial success you desire;
  • Lack of feelings of success;
  • Continued and increasing feelings of lack and scarcity;
  • Missing out on living the life you want with ease;
  • Continuing to search for “what you are doing wrong” in terms of your finances;
  • Working hard but never having anything to show for it.

6 Ways To Boost Your Money Mojo



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About Your Founder - Paula Bohland

As a master business and mindset coach with more than 25 years of experience, I've helped thousands of women grow and thrive.

Throughout my journey as an entrpreneur, I struggled to find other female mentors and leaders who connected with my mission and way of doing business.

Just a few years ago I was in more than $500,000 in debt, living in a bad marriage, losing my home and eating one meal a day so I could feed my son.  I was broke and broken-financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

I went on a walk to plan my death. I was going to commit suicide.

On that walk, a miracle occurred...

After experiencing the miracle, I gave myself one last chance to change it all.

That decision resulted in a journey that “changed my mind”. My mindset transformed from a focus on lack and complaining to that of extreme gratitude and abundance thinking.

I did not make the transformation alone. During that journey, I received coaching and mentoring. I also studied and mastered the spiritual, Universal laws that govern success, manifesting money, and defined my own prosperity.

As I changed my mind, everything else started to change. I felt better, my businesses were succeeding, I was making (and keeping) money.

Today all of my debts are paid. I live an amazing life and own multiple homes (My friends call me a “mogul”). I have a favorite home which is at the beach and you can find me there often since I take Fridays off. I travel frequently, have tons of fun and really love life. I am a money-making, manifesting mofo entrepreneur who wants you to become one too.

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We are more focused than we ever have been. And I'm convinced that it's because of working with her.”

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