Picture this...Instead of constantly rushing, you enjoy a life of ease and flow. Rather than enduring a workplace you hate, just trying to make it through to knock-off time, now you can choose a career filled with purpose and passion.

Instead of having to put up with relationships that don’t work, you experience bliss in your family and in your business. Instead of struggling to meet ends, you are experiencing financial abundance.

It happened to me. I know it can happen to you too!

You have big dreams about living in luxury, having tons of fun, uplifting thousands, and being showered with dollars flying in all around you from that amazing business that you love.

You may be worried that this program is just another wrong turn. Many "gurus" have told you that you can "have it all" if you will just follow their system.  You read all the manifestation books and watched the "Secret" movie at least 50 times.

BUT despite the courses, books, movies and certifications it isn't coming together. You are still running after business and it’s heavy like pushing a rock uphill. You are tired, overwhelmed and money is not quite flowing in abundance.

In fact, when you think about your business, life and money, it feels like you are wishing for a set of beautiful new dishes. You know how amazing and beautiful they look and feel. You are ready to serve a feast on those beautiful plates. Then, you look up and stretch out your hands to receive the dishes. All you manifest is one broken plate.

I have been there. After growing up an abused child in a dangerous home full of lack and fear, I wanted to obtain my own abundant dreams. For years I struggled to be successful. In my 40’s I found myself working 3 jobs, living a chaotic life in a bad marriage and being more than 500K in debt.

After reading manifesting books, getting masters degrees, and helping others for years I thought for sure it was my turn to live in prosperity. However, one thing after another kept going wrong. I started thinking it was just my “lot in life” and went on a walk to plan my suicide.

Thankfully, a miraculous intervention derailed my suicide plans and I had a mindset change.

The change of mindset opened a door for me. One in which I would find my calling and learn how to clear mental and physical chaos so that I aligned with clarity. The clarity provided space for focus, strategy and understanding of the Universal codes for success and prosperity.

Today I am no longer in debt, own 4 very successful businesses and lead others from my calling. I have successfully lead corporations, organizations and individuals to define and obtain prosperity.

It's time for you to learn how to quit pushing and instead receive mentorship. Learn, understand and live the rules of the Universe and success. Then, blend it with strategy.

When you align to these principles, you will transform. Your wealth, dreams and business will unfold in front of you like magic.

You will have it all. The life, business, fun and MONEY.

If you are ready to PROSPER…

I am your leader and this is your tribe.


  • Obtain clarity, define and live into the prosperity and lifestyle of your dreams.
  • Coaching and leadership to master the mindset, strategies, confidence and income that allows you to live into the greatness and wealth you deserve.
  • Step by step coaching, instruction, strategy and support so that you grow your business to 25k per month income.
  • The ability to attract clients, increase your income, and sales easily through relational selling, leaving behind the male model of being salesy, spammy and/ or pressured.
  • Releasing blocks and thought patterns that have kept you from experiencing happiness, joy, receiving abundance in the past.
  • Masterminding with group members who are also building the wealth, businesses and lifestyles they love while experiencing the feminine journey of success
  • Mastery of magic wand style manifesting techniques, strategies, spiritual guidance, and Universal Laws of Success that allow you to live in confidence and attract clients, money, love, wholeness, wealth and daily joy.

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  • Three coaching sessions per month for 6 months
  • Sessions alternate between mindset and manifesting, business strategy, AI and marketing implementation, and relational sales coaching
  • Video replays of sessions
  • Private Facebook group for continuous connection, support mentoring and information sharing
  • Personalized solutions that may be used to overcome blocks and energy walls

Paula Bohland Coaching

806 Court Side Drive, Salisbury, NC, 28147, United States