Creating the Feminine Economy






June 15th & 16th

James E. Strozier Event Center & Lounge

1301 E. Innes Street
Salisbury, NC

How women can collaborate and co-create wealth in any economy.

Experience Keynote Speakers

Grow Your Income

Market your Business to 500 other Women!*

Thursday, June 15th

Speakers and Event (9am-3pm)

Premier Networking Event (5-7pm)

Friday, June 16th

Exclusive Million Dollar Mastermind Event

(10am-1pm) (only 40 participants)


Summit and Networking Event – June 15th 


PLUS: Million Dollar Mastermind Event – June 16th ONLY


Vendors and Sponsorship spots - SOLD OUT

Vendor Fee (10 x10 space)


Sponsorship – Platinum: 4 VIP tickets to the Summit and Networking EVENT, 2 Tickets to the Million Dollar Mastermind, Logo & advertising, Call out to Business during event


Sponsorship – Silver: 2 VIP tickets to the Summit and Networking event, 1 ticket to the Million Dollar Mastermind event, Logo, advertising


Sponsorship – Bronze: 1 ticket to the Summit and networking event, 1 ticket to the Million Dollar Mastermind event


*A percentage of proceeds from this event go to support women living in developing countries to start and build businesses   

About Your Founder - Paula Bohland

As a master business and mindset coach with more than 25 years of experience, I've helped thousands of women grow and thrive.

Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur, I struggled to find other female mentors and leaders who connected with my mission and way of doing business.

Just a few years ago I was in more than $500,000 in debt, living in a bad marriage, losing my home and eating one meal a day so I could feed my son.  I was broke and broken-financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

I went on a walk to plan my death. I was going to commit suicide.

On that walk, a miracle occurred...

After experiencing the miracle, I gave myself one last chance to change it all.

That decision resulted in a journey that “changed my mind”. My mindset transformed from a focus on lack and complaining to that of extreme gratitude and abundance thinking.

I did not make the transformation alone. During that journey, I received coaching and mentoring. I also studied and mastered the spiritual, Universal laws that govern success, manifesting money, and defined my own prosperity. Most importantly, I found a community of positively focused, loving women who supported and empowered me to live into my own greatness.

As I changed my mind, everything else started to change. I felt better, my businesses were succeeding, I was making (and keeping) money.

Today all of those debts  are paid. I live an amazing life, run three successful businesses and own multiple homes (my friends call me a “mogul”). I have a favorite home which is at the beach, and you can find me there often since I work all anywhere I please. I travel frequently, have tons of fun and really love life. I am a money-making, manifesting mofo entrepreneur who wants you to become one too.

Understand the Fundamentals to Life and Wealth Building Success:

Collaborate and Celebrate With Others

You don't have to compete with anyone other than yourself.

Unlock the Unlimited Energy of Manifestation

Practice and refine your ability to manifest exactly what you want.

Develop Your Influence with Your Feminine Voice

Focus on your own unique communication and productivity strengths.

Create the Lifestyle that YOU Choose

You CAN have the family, relationships, and success all at once.

Stay Focused on Your Journey to Success

Once you've decided your own path, it's easier to avoid distractions and saboteurs.

Create Community with Others Like You

You are not alone!  You'll have hundreds of others to support you along the way.

Paula Bohland Coaching

806 Court Side Drive, Salisbury, NC, 28147, United States