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"I hired Paula for a year to help me figure out my next step after divorce.  I knew I needed a new purpose and a new career after 3 decades of marriage and raising kids.   I had an idea of what I wanted to do but it was a lot of hurdles to jump over to narrow it down and define exactly what it was and how I was going to accomplish it.   Especially since it had been 30 years since I graduated college and had really been in the business world.  A lot has changed and technology challenges are the hardest when you've been out of the office for so long.  Paula was perfect for me as she had personal experience in the field of nonprofit which was my interest.  She helped to narrow and define what it was I wanted to do and helped break it down into bite sized challenges.  I attended a few of her special group challenges as well which I also found immensely helpful.  I highly recommend hiring Paula to get yourself on track and be your accountability partner.  She has made a huge difference to me and my success."

Kim Diane Rogers

Heart for Guatemala | Public Motivational Speaker, Author, Vision Trip Coordinator

At first I was a bit hesitant to use Paula as a coach. I had seen a few of her FB posts (as well as many other coaches posts, for that matter), and I thought to myself, “how is a coach really going to help me?”  After watching her work with my girlfriend for several months, and the amazing progress she was making toward achieving her goals, I thought I’d give it a try.

Paula combined the perfect balance of emotional intelligence, business acumen, passion and creative cognition that I needed to help me identify and push past some very long held mental blocks that were keeping from being my best self.  But, she was also extremely instrumental in helping me organize my goals and objectives (as well as my many business ventures).  Somehow she was able to synthesize it into workable plan that helped me be more productive, better focused and it made my objectives more attainable.  I find her support, accountability and encouragement invaluable.  And, she does it all in a way that is humorous, challenging and inspiring! 

Stan Edwards Informetric Solutions Consultant

I have been working with Paula Bohland for two months.

In that time, my business has literally quadrupled and my life been transformed. My partner and I went from struggling to being so busy that we needed (and got) a new organizational plan. If you’re on the fence about hiring a business/mindset coach, contact Paula. Her list of successes speaks for itself. I know; I’m thrilled to be one of them!

Suzanne Pearson Rose - Copywriter/Co-Creative Director, Pentad Design

Ever since we had our 10K-in-5 days challenge. Paula, it is amazing! I have got to talk to you! It’s just so amazing what’s been happening. I’m just so grateful. I literally hit the 10K mark. That’s something to really rejoice about. I mean literally in the bank account. It happened guys!

Tamara Tharpe-Reeves - Real Estate Investor, ForEx Currency Trader, YouTuber

Working with Paula for the past 2 years has been nothing less than amazing! She has been and will remain an integral part of my personal, professional and spiritual growth and for that, I am forever grateful. Her ability to bring clarity to your dreams and desires while teaching the skills to manifest them is one of her greatest skills. She provides direction, counsel and motivation to assist in removal of negative blocks, paradigms, habits and patterns of thinking and replaces them with positive, permanent changes that come from a place of gratitude and abundance. If you are looking for a coach or mentor that will teach you to replace fear and stress with excitement and creativity, Paula Bohland is your person! Her contagious, positive energy paired with her strong desire for her clients to succeed is the perfect combination for an impeccable coach!

Emily Rustin - Self employed

Paula is an elite one of a kind  I've seen some of the highest paid pro positive thinking/ biz plan/manifesting / life coach gurus there are and NO ONE has the passion and formulations like Paula Bohland.  I HIGHLY recommend trying her, before all else fails. 

Vicky Walker - CEO & Founder at V1 Therapy Services

Everyone needs a Paula B in their life. If you do not, ask yourself why and change that FIRST? Paula trains others to live their AMAZING life because she knows how but also because she REALLY cares. You will not meet a more genuine and loving coach. I am so THANKFUL that I know and spend time with Paula each week!!!

Ron Stephenson - Business Analyst

In less than two weeks, l've been able to implement practical tips given to me by Paula, which anyone can apply, and have already seen my business grow and income increase. Paula is a breath of fresh air, one which was badly needed in my stale business practices and mindset."

Ondria Durocher Witt - CEO, Mommy's Block Party

All major insecurities demolished.

My life was transformed in ONLY 3 MONTHS! I could literally write pages and pages of the incredible benefits I got from the coaching I did with Paula but that wouldn’t work for a testimonial, so let me boil it down to the following simple formula: BEFORE COACHING WITH PAULA…I was struggling with major insecurities that were affecting my confidence and ability to sell myself and I had only 1 client. AFTER COACHING WITH PAULA…all major insecurities were demolished (including a major one that we literally took care of in one 45 minute session), my confidence and self-esteem were restored and now I’m working with so many clients I actually had to turn one down the other day.

Meeting Paula for the first time was life changing.  In a few short minutes, she was able to bring clarity and direction to difficult career and life decisions.  Paula is a master coach and true business professional with an intuition that sets her apart. 

During our first meeting, she pointed out how I “lit up” when discussing parts of my life that I loved and wanted to expand while also helping me recognize old habits that no longer served me. 

Paula’s skillset is limitless as is her joy for life and the human spirit. In a very short time, with her coaching assistance, I have experienced massive growth in my business. With Paula’s help, I have been able to take two very different business models and mold them into a beautiful career path.  

If you want to see quick results while also opening your heart toto new experiences and opportunities.... RUN don’t walk to meet this very special coach.

There is a reason she is known as the Million Dollar Maker!!!

Lisa J.

My life went into hyper-speed, and that which I only dreamed about has now began to manifest.

I wanted to take a moment and share with you all the Joy and benefit of the coaching I have received from Paula in the last several months. Much like many of you I thought I didn't need a coach for my life, maybe one for sports but never for something as important as "my life". After making the decision and commitment to go ahead and have Paula coach me, let's just say my life went into hyper-speed, and that which I only dreamed about has now began to manifest. Her passion and her focus on making me the best I can be is truly making me the best I can be so that I can bless others.”

Paul Peters, CEO - Real Estate Investor ForEx Currency Trader, YouTuber

Have so much to share! You all have been in my thoughts so much lately. My mindset on the money frequency has soooo dramatically evolved and it feels amazing. I have found myself time and time again in moments of abundance with gifts given and received, new opportunities opening up with ease and huge visions of amazing things being called into my life with full faith they will happen. It feels so good to live this way and I want to thank all of you for your support and perspectives, and especially Paula Bohland for creating such an amazing space to explore these invaluable concepts to life and such loving and energetic mastery!

Molly Talo

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