August 28

From Stress to Flow: How Women Entrepreneurs Dance with the Waves


When it comes to entrepreneurship, think of it as surfing.

Some days the sea is calm, other days it’s choppy, but it’s always about how you ride the wave. For women who take on the role of being an entrepreneur, it’s a journey full of challenges, and you must learn to pivot mentally from stress to flow, just like a surfer adjusts their footing to balance on a surfboard.

Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Masters at Pivots

Multi-tasking Mavens: From managing the home to running a company, many women are seasoned in the art of juggling responsibilities. When the pressure builds up, they shift gears effortlessly, tapping into their reservoirs of strength.

Emotional Intelligence: EQ is the unsung hero of the business world. Women often excel at reading situations, understanding nuances, and acting with empathy – a trifecta that helps combat stress effectively.

Community Builders: Women have a knack for creating and nurturing communities and collaborating. By leaning on their network during stressful times, they not only share the load but also gather diverse perspectives that help them see a clearer path forward.

Turning Tides: Techniques to Pivot from Stress to Flow

Here are some ideas to try if you are finding yourself in need of a mental pivot:

  • Micro-meditation: Instead of a long 30-minute session, how about 3 minutes of focused breathing whenever you feel overwhelmed? It’s a quick reset button, especially during a hectic day.
  • The Pomodoro Technique: This technique provides 25 minutes of intense work, followed by a 5-minute break. It’s not just about time management but rhythm. This technique keeps the mind fresh and agile.
  • Celebrate Small Wins: Got that tricky email sent? Took that nerve-wracking client call? Pat yourself on the back. These mini-celebrations uplift the mood and keep you flowing.
  • Move: Sometimes, the best way to clear the mind is to get the body moving. A quick stretch, a short walk, or some impromptu dance moves can do wonders.
  • Visualization: Whenever you’re stuck, close your eyes and visualize where you want to be. Feel the emotions, see the outcomes, and let this mental image guide your actions.

Women Entrepreneurs in the Flow Zone

When women entrepreneurs get into the ‘flow’, it’s a sight to behold. The confidence with which they negotiate deals, the creativity they bring into problem-solving, and the compassionate leadership they exhibit result from pivoting from stress to flow.

In this dance with the waves, some rides will be smooth, and others might throw you off balance. But remember, just like the ocean, entrepreneurship is vast and full of opportunities. And every time you pivot, you’re not just avoiding a wipeout but mastering a new move.

So, to all the women entrepreneurs out there – keep dancing, keep flowing, and ride those waves with grace and gusto!


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