Are you ready to stop being average and step into your magnificence?

There has always been something tugging at you, beckoning you to your calling. You have been seeking the business, wealth  and greatness that awaits you!

It’s time, you just don’t know what steps to take or where to focus your time or your energy.

That’s where I come in…

In my VIP 1 x 1 coaching program I will  be your partner and we will co- create your new life. My knowledge, support, and leadership will allow you to relax into the guidance and get the perspective you need so that you align to your true self and your life’s purpose.

We will work with your superpowers to make your life seem effortless and flow with ease while building a flourishing business and creating the wealth you only dreamed about.

We do this with my PROVEN 5 STEP PROCESS, that develops a lifestyle plan, and then systems, structures, and strategies to 10x your business, income, and your life.

Finally, step into the life and business you dream of that is now your reality…YOUR  life of magnificence.


In the Prosper group coaching program you will obtain the business, lifestyle, joy and money you always dreamed of having.

The journey to your dream life begins in this bi-monthly mastermind/coaching program. We define the business prosperity and lifestyle of your dreams that you desire.  Follow that with coaching and leadership to master the strategies, mindset and knowledge that unleashes your prosperity.

You will get your specific designed life, with purpose, wealth and direction. I will help you release blocks and thought patterns that have kept you from receiving money and abundance in the past.

You will be masterminding with group members, business growth and wealth development.  Plus receive step by step instructions on how to build a thriving business, find clients and create wealth.

It will feel like you waved a magic wand, by applying manifesting techniques, that allow you to live in confidence and attract clients, money, love, and daily joy.


Your business is dealing with the aftershocks of COVID, facing new ways of doing business and an economy that is shaky.

None of these issues are reasons to stop thinking or growing bigger. In fact the best companies multiply (5-10x) growth during changing times.
You must commit become better than average.  It is crucial that your marketing programs, sales production, operations and staff are responsive, innovative, and fluid. 
5x your production and bottom line with my tried and true, stand -alone trainings that immediately improve sales, marketing, strategic operations and innovative teams.

Set up a consultation to discuss your needs and find the training program to fit your growth needs.

You know what you want. You want to create impact, build your business and live your amazing dreams.

You also know that it’s not worth it unless you are having fun, feeling aligned and have time to enjoy the luxury you create for you and your family. 

You feel the nudge is pushing you, and you know that it’s time to step up, trust yourself and explode your business into unbelievable realms of profitability, visibility, and influence.

But you just can’t handle even the THOUGHT of putting more on your plate.

You are working too much already and feel stressed and overwhelmed.

You've been pushing for so long now. You can see the fruit of all the seeds you have planted and when you have time and energy to notice it, the fruits are beautiful. 

Yet, you are tired.

I get it.  As a single mom who had big dreams for myself and son, I invested in real estate. That was going really well so I started coaching other business owners to build their business.  I worked hard and saw my coaching and real estate businesses growing but I had hit a wall. I wanted to achieve massive success but the idea of expanding and putting more of my time and energy into my business felt undoable.  I was missing family events and becoming far too serious. Self-care was a blissful idea...

I knew I had to find a way to build my businesses, enjoy the income and fall in love with life again. I could imagine what I wanted- doing less, manifesting more, traveling to exotic places and making money like a mofo.

As I struggled I knew there was an easier way.  I kept searching as my spirit and intuition lead me along. I tuned into my own intuition and felt more aligned.  I transformed my thinking and blending in strategy. It worked! I cracked the code.

I started making more money than ever, paid off more than 500k in debt and my businesses flourished. I travel, have fun, and have been able to provide my son the life we desire.

Being the phenomenal leader and teacher that I am, I started teaching the system to my clients. Within months they were working far less, living the life of their dreams AND tripling their incomes.

People started calling me “The Million Dollar Maker Coach” because of my ability to help clients grow their business, clients and life big while living the million dollar lifestyle.

The good news is that I can teach you too!

When we work together, I'll be your partner . My knowledge and leadership will allow you to relax into the guidance, support, and perspective you need so that you align to your true self, work from your superpowers, open the money flow, and quit pushing business rocks uphill.

Together we will use my proven, 5-step process that allows you to clearly establish the lifestyle you desire FIRST. 

We then set up all the strategy, systems and income building plans. While doing this you will learn how to harness the Universal laws of success in creating your business and personal growth.  

Everything gets easier and pleasurable.

Imagine your rocking life without heavy lifting as you take Fridays off, enjoy the luxury, the steady stream of income your business generates. You will  love the legacy you are creating for the world and your family.

Let's reboot and get your perfect lifestyle figured out.  Then we will build your income quickly, establish a team and systems you trust and get you out from under your current workload so you can let go of the day-to-day.  Devote your genius to the ideas and activities that easily explode your impact, income, and influence... and give you the time, freedom, and finances to live a limitless life.

Paula Bohland Coaching

806 Court Side Drive, Salisbury, NC, 28147, United States